Lollapalooza 2009, day two / Arctic Monkeys - Alex Turner

Avril + Ties (request by )

Avril Lavigne in Japanese M&G!”

Avril Lavigne in The VIPER Room LA, Red Carpet (April 25th, 2013)

My skate clothes and really baggy pants… I still have them all in my closet.”

Say, won’t you say forever? Stay. If you stay forever, hey! We can stay forever young…Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs with the boom box blaring as we’re falling in love, Got a bottle of whatever dut it’s getting us drunk, Singing: “here’s to never growing up”! We’ll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass! I’m like yeah whatever, we’re still living like that, when the sun’s going down we’ll be raising our cups, Singing: here’s to never growing up!